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Future Koi offers Japanese Koi dealers worldwide  a selection of over 7000 Top quality Koi, of which 5000 are Tosai, Nisai, Sansai, and Jumbo’s up to 89 cm’s,

We offer the largest selection of top quality Koi in Europe, in close collaboration with Japanese top breeders, at the best price and best terms, you won’t find anywhere else.

All Koi are on display at the farm in Merselo North Limburg, where they are being held  in over 2,000,000 liters of water.
Before the Koi leaves our farm they have been in quarantine for a minimum of 4 weeks, and are weekly thoroughly investigated by our in House Koi Doctor.
we do this to assure you that the fish are healthy when they leave the farm.
Due to the constant monitoring of the fish we offer you high quality and high reliability.


Some Of Your Advantages In A Nutshell.

·         No entry fee. No minimum purchase requirement

·         Guaranteed Discount.

·         Up to 20% discount on transshipping

·         35% discount on our already very low and high quality Koi Future Store brand products, (with extra discount  up to 12.5% and 10% extra bonus structure)

·         Up to 20% discount on Oases products (with an additional discount of 17.5% and 10% extra bonus structure)

·         Savings that can mount up to thousand of Euro’s a Year.

·         The long quarantine and constant monitoring of the health and welfare of the Koi provides assurance to your customer.

·         Hand Pick your own Koi directly from our Koi ponds on the farm by increasing graduated discount.

·         Exclusive partnership with Japanese breeders who have met are
stringent quality requirements for quality, uniformity, reliability and specialty.

·         5000 Tossai, Nisai, Sansai, and Jumbo's up to 89 cm.

·         Save automatically for a FREE trip to Japan.

·         We are in Japan 12 months a year for you to actively look for breeders that meet the high quality standards that you demand for your Koi.

·         Very High Quality super strong blend of Tosai Sakazume, which develop further on our farm which makes them do super well in our climate.

·         You have a fixed point for personal contact and cooperation
Over 30 years specialized experience in keeping koi, fish diseases, filter and pond construction.
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